When it comes to putting your prized classic, vintage or veteran vehicle into anyone else’s hands – you have to really trust that they know what they’re doing.

And with Peter Adderley, you can be assured that any car – or indeed any project – will be treated with the same loving care.

In recent years the team has restored a 1971 Ocean Blue metallic Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, two SS1 Jaguars from the ‘30s and one 1904 Model T Ford…. needless to say, the colour of the bodywork had to be black!

But cars are just part of the picture – for the workshops of Peter Adderley also regularly work on ice cream vans from one of the country’s largest fabricator of these highly specialised vehicles – a business relationship which led to an against-the-clock job to paint refrigerator lids for the snazzy purple ice cream carts used at every 2012 Olympic venue in Britain!

Another project taking body work to new ‘heights’ was an eight foot long model helicopter which came to the workshop for a vibrant red make-over with an orange stripe.

…. and on a more domestic front, the team is quite regularly asked to paint wardrobe or kitchen unit doors, allowing people to give rooms in their homes a facelift without the expense of a complete refit.