While cars are the most regular focus for the Peter Adderley treatment, the company’s scope is actually much wider.

Whatever the vehicle – it will receive the same close attention and quality service: whether it’s is new liveries for a fleet of company vehicles after a change of corporate colours or creating a brand new showroom finish for a cherished car where the owner wants a new colour.

Motorcycles and Bicycles

Motorbike Repairs

Motorcycles and bicycles (some of which can cost as much as a car these days), can also often be found in the workshop receiving the same top flight treatment as their four-wheeled counterparts. Bikes can often have very small sections to paint – with colours fading into one another and all kinds of different motifs: everything is possible at Peter Adderley!


Caravan Repairs

Caravans too are specialism of the highly skilled team. If your van is travel worn from weekends in Wales or a summer of discovery around the continent, the team at Peter Adderley can restore it to showroom condition.

Boats and Cruisers

Boats and Cruisers

We even repaint cruisers and yachts, including the 28ft white and blue speedboat we once restored to its former glory….. taking out a huge scrape down the side and making it pristine again in time for a summer riding the waves off the coast of Portugal.